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    Cylinder Tracking System

    - Gas cylinders are tagged with QR-codes which makes trackability effortless.

    - Our customers can track the full history of recovered and reclaimed refrigerants.

    - We offer 12,5L, 61L and 950L cylinders/tanks

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    F-bank service

    You can save money on buying back your product. Customer can bring recovered and sorted refrigerants and has the right to buy them back reclaimed. 


Cleantech of tomorrow

Eco Scandic Oy concentrates mainly on refrigerant recovery and reclamation. Our services are congruent with the newest EU-directives and F-gas regulation.

We only use equipment that is in accordance with AHRI-740 standard and we provide only reclaimed refrigerant according to AHRI-700.


Sort recovered refrigerants and buy them back purified.

We provide you with cylinders for refrigerant recovery and transportation free-of-charge. No handling fees for sorted, recovered refrigerants.


  • Our company

    Our equipment and use of newest technology changes industry practices and follows the newest directives.

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  • Cylinder tracking system

    Electronic cylinder tracking system is a part of Eco Scandics environment friendly collecting service.

  • Products and services

    You can deliver sorted refrigerants without a collecting fee and change it to regenerated refrigerant at our office.

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