Refrigerant reclamation

Refrigerant Reclamation

Refrigerant reclamation

Through refrigerant reclamation you are actively participating in reduction of CO2 emissions from refrigerant production as well as preventing the refrigerant from being vented into the atmosphere. By actively collecting and recycling refrigerant you become your own refrigerant supplier.

Eco Scandic is the only company in Northern Europe that provides recovery&reclamation services for refrigerants. Reclamation process filters out oils, moisture and other contaminations caused by e.g. compressor malfunctions. Also if necessary, during this process we balance out the component ratio of the refrigerant in order to meet the AHRI-700 requirements.

The most common refrigerants for reclamation are HFC-refrigerants R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A and R422D. Reclamation of other refrigerants can be arranged upon agreement. After the reclamation process the refrigerant can be used as new.

Sales (Sweden)
Elmeri Mustaniemi
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