Q. D
oes reclaiming refrigerant lower its GWP-value?

A. In theory yes, although the GWP value remains the same, reclaimed refrigerant is not producing Co2 emissions from production, transport and destruction. And any risk of venting the refrigerant into the atmosphere for cutting costs are reduced as the low price for refrigerant reclamation provides an economical incentive for companies.

Q. Can you reclaim refrigerant that has been contaminated with acids caused by a compressor fire?

A. Absolutely! Our equipment is capable of filtering out any acids, moisture/water, oils and visible contaminations.

Q. A refrigerant mixture is lacking a component, can you restore this?

A. Certainly. For example, if R404A refrigerant is lacking some amount of R134a, we can simply add this at the very end of the regeneration process. Through analysis we can certify that the appropriate amount has been added and that the component ratios are as prescribed in the AHRI700 standard.