The improvement of the global environment is the cornerstone of our operations. We advocate the environmental and economic benefits of implementing circular economic concepts into your business. We strongly believe in the full conversion into greener refrigerants; however, this change cannot happen overnight. We still need solutions for recycling refrigerants as the usage of certain HFC-refrigerants will continue.

By taking a used product and restoring it to a state that corresponds to new, the price of the product can be reduced as the costs of restoration are usually lower than the production costs. This also implies that raw materials or other natural resources required for production can be saved to minimize the risk of depleting the planets natural reserves. Implementing a circular economic model for a product will most certainly reduce Co2 emissions from production, destruction and imports of new products.

When recycling refrigerants it is important to note that reclaiming refrigerant does not lower any GWP- or ODP-values. However, the economic benefits of refrigerant recycling for refrigerant consumers provides an incentive to recycle instead of venting the refrigerant out into the atmosphere. As previously mentioned, Co2 emissions from refrigerant production, destruction and transports are reduced when recycling as well as conserving the fluorspar supply, a mineral used in refrigerant production.

If you take the above mentioned into consideration and the amount of used refrigerant we have reclaimed during the past four years, the amount of potential emissions prevented is 82 112 902,2 kg of Co2 equivalents into the atmosphere.

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