Eco Scandic - Cleantech of Tomorrow
  • Eco Scandic - Cleantech of tomorrow

    Eco Scandic - Cleantech of tomorrow

    Refrigerant Recovery & Reclamation

    By recovering used refrigerants and reclaiming them we can offer a cheap and sustainable solution for disposing and procuring refrigerant.

Eco Scandic

Why should you reclaim refrigerant?

By reclaiming refrigerants customers avoid expensive handling - and destruction fees and also reduce the negative impact that refrigerant production and import have on the environment.

Cleantech of tomorrow

What is refrigerant reclamation?

Refrigerant reclamation is the process of restoring used refrigerant to a standard that it meets specifications for new refrigerant gas in accordance with AHRI-700 standard.

Eco Scandic - Cleantech of Tomorrow

Eco Scandic’s facilities and technology opens a new door for refrigerant consumers in Northern Europe. By recovering and reclaiming refrigerants we offer an inexpensive, as well as environmentally friendly solution for procuring and disposing refrigerants. Eco Scandic Oy has been operating actively since spring of 2016. We are located in Malmi, Helsinki. Currently the company employs nine staff. Besides Finland we also provide services in Sweden and Baltic region.
82 113 tn
potential CO2 emissions prevented
126 tn
refrigerant recieved
4 years
of operational experience